The Wonder Hospital
The Wonder Hospital
The Wonder Hospital

The Wonder Hospital

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Un viaje surrealista sobre rareza y vacío ilusorio en un hospital misterioso que modifica la belleza física. Una chica encuentra al fin su deseo de belleza superficial después de perseguir las atractivas imágenes después de los anuncios del hospital, pero se da cuenta de que no era lo que se esperaba. El corto, realizado en 2010, ha sido galardonado con muchos premios en todo el mundo, de Brusselas a Los Angeles o Seattle. Por si fuera poco, recibió el Gran Premio del Jurado en el SXSW Film Festival 2011.


Beomsik Shimbe Shim

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"If only The Wonder Hospital (Beomsik Shimbe Shim, USA, 2010) were a feature-length film. Or, better, a theme park. For there is truly nothing like this; except for perhaps the most unsettling RPG or the most vivid of nightmares. Part supernatural horror, part surreal comedy (ass well as homage to The Wizard of OZ), the story of a young woman's desire for physical perfection takes one decidedly twisted turn after another. Clever, curious but always compelling, the near-abandoned hospital provides a backdrop for all manner of hallucinations, as well as a timely study of that aesthetic unencessity 3D - the colours red and green spilling like neon paint in almost every shot. Worth checking in, just make sure you know your way out"

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"The Wonder Hospital was the standout piece in the line-up and tells of a young man's anxiety in the face of an imminent hospital visit. The film is a dreamscape of boundless imagination, using strange and often nightmarish anthropomorphized furniture and apparatus to conjure both awe and terror in the same frame. Its ability to capture anxiety and, of course, wonder is breathtaking."

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