Shock Value
Shock Value

Shock Value

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Douglas Rath

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Terror, Comedia

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Delirante metacine de serie B con punzantes toques de humor negro que cuenta con la actuación estelar de Malcolm McDowell, el adorado protagonista de "La Naranja Mecánica".Un director de serie B en apuros amenaza a un asesino en serie con delatarlo a la policía si no accede a protagonizar su próxima película.

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"Be prepared for a crisp picture that commands laughs and delivers goose bumps. Shock Value is more than a good b-movie, it’s a wildly inspired feature that just might change the course of director Douglas Rath’s career. It could be the introduction to a future star in Anthony Bravo. It just might pick up enough steam to earn itself a cult classic status. It’s that good. It really is. It’s also yet another addition to my Best of 2014 list, which you’ll see posted in December. Don’t do yourself an injustice and snooze on this one, it’s a masterful trip into respectfully retro filmmaking, and it’s as disconcerting as they come."

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"Shock Value has fun with its concept always staying 1 step ahead of the next. I was fully entertained and surprised for that matter that this one snuck under the radar. Written by Anthony Bravo (who also plays the serial killer Nick) “Shock Value” lives up to it genre with a perfect play on the genre. A rewarding and “killer” piece, Shock Value is an homage to its genre."

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