Regreso a Howards End
Regreso a Howards End

Regreso a Howards End

Howards End

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James Ivory


Reino Unido

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"Regreso a Howards End" es una maravillosa adaptación de la clásica novela de E.M.Foster que obtuvo excelentes críticas y un gran éxito de público en su estreno cinematográfico.

Las hermanas Schlegel son dos mujeres emancipadas y cultas que traban amistad con los ricos Wilcox. Helen, una de ellas, empieza a salir con Paul, el pequeño de la familia, pero la relación se rompe debido a las diferencias de carácter, y las familias de ambos deciden no verse más hasta que los azares de la vida unen de nuevo sus destinos.

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Molt millor la pel·lícula que la sèrie, de llarg.

02 diciembre 2018

De impecable factura es, sin duda alguna, una de las mejores película de Ivory y del cine europeo. Todo se ajusta a la perfección desde el guión original para que el espectador no pueda dejar de estar identificado con las grandezas y miserias de los personajes. Nada sobra y nada falta, y resulta un fresco bastante épico de los años que retrata.

23 julio 2015 (Editado)

"`Howards End," a film at once civilized and passionate, is named for a house in the English countryside. It has been in the Wilcox family for a long time - or, more properly, in the family of Mrs. Wilcox, who makes it the center of her life and retreats to its peace when the noise of life in London with Mr. Wilcox grows too deafening. In America, where we change our address as easily as we change our telephone number, the meaning of such a house is harder to understand. We do not often grow up in the same rooms where our grandparents were born. But in a country such as England, until quite recently, many families had such houses in their histories, and "Howards End" is about the passing of the traditionals and humanist values that could flourish in such places. The story of the house and the people who pass through it is told by E. M. Forster, in the best of his novels and one of the last (after A Passage to India, A Room with a View, Where Angels Fear to Tread and Maurice) to be filmed."

Roger Ebert de Chicago Sun Times


"Merchant and Ivory have regathered many of the cast and crew from their earlier films to work on this reproduction to exquisite effect. It is probably harder to gain sympathy for stuffy Mr. Wilcox than for Hannibal Lecter, yet Hopkins does it without seeming to try. And James Wilby, who plays spoiled heir Charles Wilcox, manages to be as shallow as a silver spoon. But the film's driving force is Thompson, who balances delicately along its ironic edge like a tightrope walker with an umbrella. Redgrave is delicacy itself, fine as bone china with a thin crack visible only when held up to the light. And Bonham Carter, who played opposite Mel Gibson in "Hamlet," obviously brings a little of mad Ophelia to her disconcertingly comic role. Like all the other Merchant-Ivory-Jhabvala films, "Howards End" is fleet but not in a hurry. The scenes are clear and lean against the richness of the setting, but they flow leisurely toward the climax, like a punt bearing two lovers languidly downstream. Naturally the picture includes the punt and the lovers, the quiet stream, the willows moping along the verdant bank. If Merchant, Ivory and Jhabvala have anything to do with it, there'll always be an England."

Rita Kempley de Washington Post


"Un trabajo limpio y cuidado que, pese a que por momentos pueda resultar afectado y cerca del hueco, consigue mantenerse a una prudente distancia de los convencionalismos."

Luis Martínez de El País