La caída de la casa Usher
La caída de la casa Usher
La caída de la casa Usher

La caída de la casa Usher

House of Usher

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Roger Corman

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Basada en un relato de Edgar Allan Poe, adaptado por el prestigioso novelista Richard Matheson ("Soy leyenda"). Después de un largo viaje Phillip Winthrop llega, por fín, a la mansión de los Usher. Una vez allí descubre que tanto Roderick como su hermana Madeline están afectados por una extraña enfermedad. Todo parece deberse a una extraña maldición familiar.

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"House of Usher created a template that at least half of the later entries in the Poe "series" would follow - outsider comes to a mansion inhabited primarily by Price's character and a servant, is initially rebuffed by Price, and has his or her persistence rewarded by insanity and inevitable destruction, along with certain other recurring motifs. Perhaps for Halloween, I'll pick up a copy of Poe's stories to see whether this comes from him or whether Corman found a formula that worked and exploited it for as long as it sold tickets. Of course, screenwriter Richard Matheson's expansion of the story to feature-length didn't create these tropes - they are familiar elements of gothic horror stories going back decades if not centuries."

Jay Seaver de eFilmCritic


"The acting is superb; Price, as the spineless aristocrat who truly believes he's doing what's best, is adorned with white hair and a smoking jacket. He's in top form as the tortured soul who evokes sympathy even as he does the most horrible crime imaginable and blames it all on the character played by Mark Damon. "

Dennis Schwartz de Ozus' World Movie Reviews