Half Revolution
Half Revolution

Half Revolution

1/2 revolution

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En 2011, en plena Primavera Árabe, un grupo de amigos cineastas se grabó en las calles del Cairo para documentar la revolución. Ese mismo año montaban "Half Revolution" y la presentaban a los festivales más prestigiosos del mundo, siendo seleccionada en el Festival de Sundance o CPH: DOX.

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"½ Revolution strikes deeply, not only in its presentation of the severity of the protests, but also as a demonstration of how protest is an unpredictable cocktail of fear and hope from which all manner of human response is possible. Including powerful cinema."

Christopher P. Davies de Web oficial


"A slickly packaged addition to the myriad documentaries made about the recent events in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, “1/2 Revolution” offers the privileged perspective of a group of filmmaker/activist friends (all with Arab roots and most with foreign passports) who lived near the action. Pic combines shaky-cam footage shot in and around the square with what seems like staged, self-dramatizing conversations inside the filmmakers’s apartments attesting to their bravery and stoicism. End result frequently resembles an indie action-thriller, with its creators as the embattled heroes. "

Alissa Simon de Variety