El terror

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Una de las mejores películas de Roger Corman protagonizada por un joven Jack Nicholson y por el extraordinario Boris Karloff.
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Una de las mejores películas de Roger Corman protagonizada por un joven Jack Nicholson y por el extraordinario Boris Karloff. En la Europa del siglo XIX, un joven oficial francés del ejército de Napoleón es salvado de la muerte por una bella mujer que, a continuación, desaparece. El teniente, obsesionado con la muchacha, sigue sus huellas hasta llegar al aislado castillo del Barón Von Leppe, un luegar que esconde un terrible misterio.

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Roger Corman

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The terror
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"Description: A cult classic from the master of the B-movie himself, director Roger Corman, available for the first time in thrilling High Definition Blu-Ray! In one of his first-ever roles, a young Jack Nicholson stars as Lt. Andre Duvalier, a soldier in Napoleon s army in 19th century France, separated from his regiment. He awakens on a beach to the sight of a strange woman who leads him to the gothic, towering castle that serves as home to eerie Baron Von Leppe (Boris Karloff). But, as Duvalier soon discovers, nothing is what it seems in this ghastly, haunted mansion of death! This underground favorite was made in classic Roger Corman fashion, making the most of his resources to bring yet another film to life on a minimal budget for his producers at American International Pictures. AIP was a small, independent studio that specialized in low-budget teensploitation films, and Corman was one of their main men. Here, he squeezed extra mileage out of not only previously-used sets, but also actors and crew from two of his other recently-completed films (The Raven, The Haunted Palace). Short on time himself (there were more movies to be made!), Corman left it to a few of the aspiring directors within his crew (among them, Jack Hill, a young Francis Coppola, and even Jack Nicholson taking a turn behind the camera for a few scenes) to help see the film to completion. The Terror would go on to become a drive-in favorite and late-night TV staple, also appearing under the titles The Terror, Lady Of The Shadows and The Castle of Terror. Meanwhile, Roger Corman would go on to inspire an entire generation of film-makers, including many like Coppola, Peter Bogdanovich, James Cameron, Ron Howard, Martin Scorcese and John Sayles--who worked under him while honing their skills. "

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