El Guerrero Pacífico
El Guerrero Pacífico
El Guerrero Pacífico

El Guerrero Pacífico

Peaceful Warrior

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Victor Salva

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Un joven gimnasta que lo tiene todo en la vida, conoce un viejo extraño al que llama Sócrates que le enseñará a vivir como un guerrero pacífico. Con él superará un grave accidente de moto y aprenderá a vivir disfrutando de cada momento..

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"If "Peaceful Warrior" were not based on a true story, I might have an easier time believing it. It's the kind of parable that is perfectly acceptable as the saga of Mr. Miyagi, but when the movie opens with the words "inspired by true events," I get edgy. I keep wondering what "inspired" means. Did Dan Millman, the author of the book that inspired the movie, really meet a man who could levitate? "

Roger Ebert de Chicago Sun Times


"In "Peaceful Warrior" a UC Berkeley gymnast dreaming of an Olympic gold medal seeks advice on life from a mysterious old man. The gist of his counsel is to live in the here and now and that the journey is what brings happiness, not the destination. These are the sort of platitudes that pass for wisdom in inspirational books, so it's no surprise to learn the movie is based on one such tome, "Way of the Peaceful Warrior." "

Ruthe Stein de San Francisco Chronicle