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Después de la rendición de Geronimo, Massai (Burt Lancaster), el último guerrero apache es capturado y enviado a la reserva de Florida. Massai logra escapar, y se dirige a su tierra natal para recuperar a su mujer, ...aunque sus perseguidores tienen otros planes para él...


Robert Aldrich

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"It's based on historical events and is taken from Paul I. Wellman's novel Broncho Apache; James R. Webb (later did the script for Ford's "Cheyenne Autumn") is the screenwriter. Aldrich's first Western is not a total success, but overcomes its leaden storytelling by being muscular and accepting of the Apache culture without being patronizing. The film was compromised however by the studio suits, who changed the tragic ending to an unconvincing rosy one. In the version producer Hecht, Aldrich and star Burt Lancaster wanted, the Lancaster character playing the Apache hero is pointlessly shot by the Cavalry after turning peaceful as a farmer (the way it really happened), instead it has Lancaster putting down his arms to be a corn farmer with his wife and new born child--which makes for an undeserved happy ending and ruins everything the film was building up to about the Indian's courage and willingness to die for his self-respect and freedom."

Dennis Schwartz de Ozus' World Movie Reviews