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2 días en Nueva York 4,5
2 días en Nueva York Comentada hace 1 semana

"idk, i've learned nothing and the characters are a bit dull and pre-made in a factory and a total fake asf realty that avoids a bunch of facts and things that are not even in a close fiction"

El gran debate 2
El gran debate Comentada hace 1 semana

"These are subjects that have been arround since forever.... this didnt bring up anything new, juist a bunch of gibberish.."

La noche americana 8,5
La noche americana Comentada hace 1 semana

"Lit it portratits everything i've seen in peeps so far. (:"

The Short Films of David Lynch
The Short Films of David Lynch Vista hace 2 semanas
Mi Loco Erasmus 2
Mi Loco Erasmus Comentada hace 2 semanas

"vaya mierda, es la historia de un dude que no sabe ordenarse."

El cielo en el infierno 7
El cielo en el infierno Comentada hace 3 semanas

"bien nomass [:"

Historias de la Cripta: Caballero del Diablo
Pánico en la Granja 9
Pánico en la Granja Comentada hace 3 semanas

"Damn right, cowboy n indian and horse are on adventures, they work hard, play hard, mayb too hard but they are alright (: lovely"

La última virgen 7
La última virgen Comentada hace 3 semanas

"Poor lil gurl doesnt know how to choose her frunds. Downer asf, but it is nice because you see that things are way more complicated than wut they seem to b."

Carga sellada 9
Carga sellada Comentada hace 1 mes

"yo no soy policia, no tengo porque recibir ordenes de ti."

Yo no soy guerrillero 8,5
Yo no soy guerrillero Comentada hace 1 mes

"this was lit, it helped me see my innerself"

Yo no soy guerrillero
Yo no soy guerrillero Vista hace 1 mes
The Wackness
The Wackness Vista hace 1 mes
The Wackness 9
The Wackness Comentada hace 1 mes

"):). "

The French Kissers 9
The French Kissers Comentada hace 1 mes

"Not a man enough. (':. take her hair back... )': things change."

Reverend Billy & The Church of Stop Shopping 0
Historias de la Cripta: Caballero del Diablo 10
Historias de la Cripta: Caballero del Diablo Comentada hace 1 mes

"lit asf"

Bienvenidos a Alemania 7
Bienvenidos a Alemania Comentada hace 1 mes

"know the gs. just like merica"

Pauline en la playa 8
Pauline en la playa Comentada hace 1 mes

"2 gals are n vacay and the end is the best. "

Good Bye, Lenin! 9,5
Good Bye, Lenin! Comentada hace 2 meses

"perf. you have 2 be a man to keep a world alive. RDA lives. "

Night of the living Deb 8,5
Night of the living Deb Comentada hace 2 meses

"funasf. lovely n simple movie (:, great cast and actors"

Promoción Fantasma 8,5
Promoción Fantasma Comentada hace 2 meses

"Lit asf, this is about teen fantoms and they are not able to leave because they have to confess. this reminds me of me and my demons. "

Promoción Fantasma
Promoción Fantasma Vista hace 2 meses
El Capital Humano 8
El Capital Humano Comentada hace 2 meses

"well, to tell ya the truth i liked the girls in this movie, the movie itself was ok. but i got a load of it. Actually, the whole movie is based in the beggining which is a clasic nightmare of errrbody. and yeah, human capital is valued in different waes. Tru"