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Cinco hombres se despiertan encerrados en un almacén, sin que ninguna de ellos recuerde cómo llegaron allí ni quiénes son. No tardarán en darse cuenta de que han participado en un secuestro, sin saber si son secuestrados o secuestradores.


Simon Brand

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"The horror sensation Saw - an excellent film ruined in retrospect by its daft gorefest sequels - casts a shadow over this oddity of a thriller. It's a weird little chamber-piece, almost a filmed stage-play, which has clearly been inspired by Saw, as well as Reservoir Dogs and The Usual Suspects. Five guys wake up in a deserted warehouse in the middle of the desert: they have been variously beaten, shot, bound and handcuffed: what on earth are they doing there? Gradually, their memories return: they were involved in the violent abduction of a businessman whose wife is even now preparing to deliver the ransom. But something clearly went horribly wrong; there was a firefight during which a canister of gas was broken and while unconscious they appear to have all inhaled some fumes. Now they can't remember which ones are the kidnappers, which one is the kidnappee, and which one is the undercover cop. It's a promising idea, if very reliant on that very convenient whiff of gas. Jim Caviezel, Greg Kinnear, Jeremy Sisto, Joe Pantoliano and Barry Pepper play the quintet's bewildered fear and rage to the hilt. With some more script development and self-awareness, this could have been a real hit: as it is, it is merely a workmanlike, if derivative thriller - tightly structured, with a nifty little final twist."

Peter Bradshaw de The Guardian