La noche de su vida
La noche de su vida
SD 102 min NOTA USUARIOS: 5,5 NOTA PRENSA: 3,6 NR < 12 años

La noche de su vida

I Love You Beth Cooper


Chris Columbus


Canadá, Estados Unidos

Año de producción
Estreno en cines

Twentieth Century Fox



Denis Coverman (Paul Rust), el encargado del discurso de final de curso del Instituto Buffalo Grove High School tiene una carrera académica impresionante... sobre el papel al menos. Un estudiante superlativo, un joven caballero concienzudo y obviamente con patente su candidez, Denis ha ido sobre seguro y ha recorrido todo el camino hacia su graduación sin haber experimentado nunca parte de las alegrías de la educación superior, como romper el toque de queda, practicar la destrucción de la propiedad ajena, el abuso del alcohol, las peleas, las madrugadas, los coches rápidos o las mujeres rápidas (bueno, las mujeres de cualquier clase). Pero todo eso va a cambiar, y todo por pronunciar cuatro palabritas: "Te quiero, Beth Cooper".

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  • John Hazelton de Screen

    <p>The film’s biggest selling point at the box office will be the appearance of Hayden Panettiere, from TV hit Heroes, in the title role. (...) Unfortunately, the story skeleton is fleshed out by Columbus - making his first film as a director since 2005’s Rent - with an awkward mix of tame sex gags, broad slapstick and wistful interludes.</p>

    5.0 5.0
  • Nando Salvà de El Periódico

    <p>Aunque los chavales de hoy día no sean precisamente lumbreras, no se merecen que en el futuro los abandere una comedia que naufraga tonalmente entre lo satírico y lo tontorrón y para la que el colmo del humor son escenas de chicos que se visten de mujer o que pisan caca de vaca.</p>

    1.0 1.0
  • Peter Bradshaw de The Guardian

    <p>(…)an interesting truth (…)when it comes to high school myths and memories, history is written by the losers. The nerds may be humiliated by the jocks and fail to get the girl, but they are the ones who get jobs in the media and finally get to rewrite their painful lives.</p>

    6.0 6.0
  • Brian Lowry de Variety

    <p>Attempting to create an "American Graffiti" for the current teen generation, director Chris Columbus squanders a fertile premise with a loud series of episodic gags, so much so that by the time a few moments of genuine sweetness belatedly arrive, the pic has exhausted any goodwill.<br /> The fallout from that uncharacteristic burst of boldness and honesty could have potentially made for an interesting movie. Instead, "Beth Cooper" devolves into an all-in-one-night graduation romp that simply feels pallid next to "Superbad" and other edgier coming-of-age comedies (…).<br />  </p>

    1.0 1.0
  • Toby Young de The Times

    <p>Poor Hayden Panettiere. Having achieved fame as the cheerleader who saves the world in Heroes, she seems destined to be cast as a baton-twirling fantasy figure for the remainder of her career. The problem is, she just doesn’t seem that comfortable in the role."I Love You, Beth Cooper" is surprisingly broad, given its source material.(...) (It) just about sustains your interest over its 102-minute running time largely because it sticks so closely to a tried-and-tested formula.<br />  </p>

    6.0 6.0
  • A. O. Scott de NY Times

    <p>“It’s O.K. just to have fun sometimes,” says a dad (Alan Ruck) to his anxious, nerdy son. So true. And if fun is what you’re looking for, you might want to avoid “I Love You, Beth Cooper,” the drab and incoherent teen comedy in which this nugget of advice appears.(...)Larry Doyle’s script for “I Love You, Beth Cooper,” based on his somewhat better novel of the same title, contains one or two mildly amusing jokes, but it can’t decide what tone it wants to take, swerving between simpering sincerity and jumpy, resentful hostility.<br />  </p>

    5.0 5.0
  • Stephen Farber de Hollywood Reporter

    <p>Although the teenage audience is notoriously undiscriminating, it's hard to imagine many kids turning out for this laugh-free comedy. (…)it's hard to know whether the blame for this fiasco rests with Columbus or with Doyle, who originally wrote a novel based on his high school experiences and then turned it into a screenplay.<br /> (...) nothing seems fresh. Most of the scenes are stock teen crises that we've seen many times before (…).<br /> The actors can't do much with such a tired script.<br />  </p>

    1.0 1.0