El Funeral
El Funeral

El Funeral

The Funeral


Abel Ferrara

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El Funeral situa la acción dentro de una familia, los Tempio, un clan mafioso dirigido por tres ambiciosos hermanos. Cuando se incia la historia toda la familia está reunida para asistir al funeral de Johnny, el hermano menor que se supone ha sido asesino por Gaspare Spaglia, su máximo rival en el mundo del crimen. Ante su ataud, sus dos hermanos mayores, Ray y Chez, dos hombres torturados por su violento pasado claman venganza La vendetta ha comenzado y nadie está libre de ella.

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Fallos de guión, de casting, hay algo que no cuadra. Aunque tiene pinceladas de obra maestra, como la banda sonora, la fotografía o algunas escenas.

04 noviembre 2016

"Abel Ferrara continues to make dark, brutal, punishing movies that piss people off. Obviously, the director of Bad Lieutenant and King of New York is doing something right. The Funeral isn't up to those twin Ferrara peaks, but this Depression-era crime drama, with a script by Nicholas St. John, has some of the same jangling tension. When racketeer Johnny Tempio (Vincent Gallo) is shot down after seeing Humphrey Bogart in The Petrified Forest at a movie house, his family joins his fiancee, Helen (Gretchen Mol), to mourn at the coffin. Johnny's two brothers, Ray (Christopher Walken) and Chez (Chris Penn), search for the killer. A rival hood, Gaspare (a superb Benicio Del Toro), is the obvious suspect in a film that works hard to dodge the obvious. ¡"

Pete Travers de Rolling Stone


"``The Funeral'' is about the kinds of gangsters the Corleone family might have become, if they had all gone to college. It's a film where violence is delayed by conversations about morality, where the younger brother has left-wing sympathies and strange kinks, where the leader of the family protests, ``I have ideas. I read books.'' This is not to say it is an intellectual movie, about professorial gangsters. What it really means is that its characters, members of a mob family in New York, are more tortured than they might otherwise have been because they know more, and think more. Ignorance may not always be bliss, but it is sometimes more comfortable than insight."

Roger Ebert de Chicago Sun Times