Benjamin Smoke
Benjamin Smoke
Benjamin Smoke

Benjamin Smoke


Jem Cohen

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Retrato de una de las grandes estrellas del queer-rock-and-roll, activista gay radical, artista único, amante de excesos que murió por hepatitis antes de cumplir los 40. Él es, fue, Benjamin Smoke. Un icono sobre el que Jem Cohen y Peter Sillen rodaron este extraordinario documental durante 10 años.

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Mundo: éste es Benjamin. Su voz llena de nieve viaja por delante. Luego viene él, speed y trashumancia extravagante en un mismo cuerpo cansado como la muerte en un concierto. Combinando sabios momentos tediosos con grabaciones de enorme intensidad poética, Cohen y Sillen crean un documental que recuerda los mejores momentos de The Filth and The Fury (de Julien Temple) y The Year of the Horse (Jim Jarmusch). Un descubrimiento.

23 julio 2015 (Editado)

"The intimate, unexpurgated story of the "queer Southern blues" that emanated from an Atlanta-reared, HIV-positive, drag-queen addict and his short-lived band , "Benjamin Smoke" reps a distinctive, successful collaboration between media artist Jem Cohen, who made the 1999 Fugazi profile "Instrument," and documaker Peter Sillen, whose 1994 portrait of singer Vic Chestnutt typifies his fascination with uncompromising fringe artists. Forceful, eccentric item will play theatrically wherever regional alternative American music is appreciated, with strong tube and vid life to follow. "

Eddie Cockrell de Variety


"At the beginning of "Benjamin Smoke," some lines from a Patti Smith poem appear on screen, and later Ms. Smith herself appears, to recite the poem and pay tribute to the life and music of the film's subject, an Atlanta musician, hustler, and occasional drag queen known to his fans and collaborators as Benjamin. Ms. Smith's presence is especially fitting, and not only because of her personal connection with Benjamin, who opened for her shortly before he died in 1999 from liver failure linked to hepatitis C and AIDS. From Jim Morrison to Kurt Cobain, she has always been a connoisseur of rock 'n' roll martyrdom, and Benjamin, born Robert Dickerson in rural Georgia in 1960, seems to have materialized from one of her songs -- a wispy, sensitive, self-destructive soul full of sweet beatnik romanticism, pop poetry and entertaining nonsense. "

A. O. Scott de NY Times


"This bittersweet documentary captures the passion and perversion of Robert Dickerson, a singer, bullshit artist and part-time drag queen known as Benjamin. p>n interviews and rehearsals shot in Atlanta, his hometown, Benjamin obsesses over Luke Perry's feet, sings Tom Waits-y songs with his band, Smoke, and slowly loses his battle with AIDS and hepatitis C. Smoke triumphantly score a gig opening for Patti Smith, who delivers the film's emotional climax with a heartfelt tribute to the cracked poet withering before your eyes."

Pete Travers de Rolling Stone