A serbian film
A serbian film

A serbian film



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Milos, padre de familia y antigua estrella del porno, echa de menos sus tiempos de gloria, cuando podía proporcionar a su mujer e hijo una vida de lujo. Cuando un misterioso director de cine le propone un suculento trabajo, decide volver al ruedo. Lo que no espera es que lo que están a punto de filmar sea desgarradoramente real. La nueva ola de terror serbio parece dispuesta a dejar el cine de género francés en dulces caricias. Violencia y sexo extremos se dan cita en la cinta más brutal de la temporada. Juega con la perversión de la mirada, no esconde ni un ápice de violencia y se permite, incluso, inventar un nuevo género, el newborn porn.

NR < 18 años

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  • Brian Prisco

    de Pajiba

    You should not watch A Serbian Film. I won’t ever watch it again. I’m repulsed as much as I admire what writer/director Sr?an Spasojevi? pulled off. It’s daring, intelligent, thought-provoking, destructive, repulsive, repugnant, putrid, awful, magnificently the worst film I’ve ever hated myself for appreciating. Most people shouldn’t watch a film that even mentions the words “newborn porn” (and God willing that two-word phrase broke your soul as much as typing it hurt mine), and I sincerely hope you stay away from this film.

    8.0 8.0
  • Todd Brown

    de Twitch

    As Milosh descends into madness Spasojevic tracks his descent with an unwavering eye. Though he shows less than he makes you think he does, Spasojevic's work is graphic in the extreme and graphic in ways that will turn the stomach. He employs his considerable technical skills in an all-out assault of his audience. This is a film meant to punish, not to entertain, and it succeeds absolutely. It is genuinely sickening and that is entirely the point. An enjoyable experience? I sincerely hope not. But incredibly powerful, Just don't bring your mother.

    8.0 8.0
  • Jordan Mintzer

    de Variety

    Taking the torture-porn concept absolutely literally, the bluntly titled "A Serbian Film" is a well-crafted, immensely indecent smut slasher that falls short of the original "Hostel" and "Saw," but still reps a daresay "respectable" go at the genre. Debuting helmer Srdjan Spasojevic's twisted tale of an out-of-work adult film star who (in every way) attaches himself to a deadly new project is also a warning call to budding thesps: Read the whole contract, and don't trust a director who claims that "life, art and blood" are their inspirations. Fanboys will be lapping up the ketchup in fright fests and ancillary.

    6.5 6.5
  • Rob Gonsalves

    de eFilmCritic

    It's solidly crafted, shot in handsome widescreen by Nemanja Jovanov. Its feral reputation may precede it, but it clearlyhasn't been made by trolls with cameras — there's a fair amount of artfulness here. I wasn't bored. I wasn't shaken to the core, either. Some taboos are shattered, but the movie is (understandably) so staunchly against the horrors it depictsthat it just seems like a gallery of shock that doesn't really hit us directly.

    6.0 6.0
  • Tim Anderson

    de Bloody disgusting

    In the end, maybe Serbian Film is just another exploitation film. Just the twisted ravings of a lunatic mind, just another P.T. Barnum, button-pushing product that can famously tote that cinema labs in Hungary and Germany refused to even print the film due to content issues. Perhaps it is an allegory for what the Bosnian War mean to generations of people. Perhaps it's a cold hard look into a desensitized world where video games morals have turned 10-year-olds into rapists and murders? Perhaps, in some ways it’s all those things. But, the one thing it is not, is entertainment.

    2.0 2.0